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Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment? Learn to thrive beyond surviving as you step into your true self, the wise woman warrior. Our resources, tools, and community are here to support you every step of the way. Let’s grow together.

This introductory program provides a glimpse into healing energy work and the sometimes subtle cues the universe provides within and without as we journey along our paths.

Why Trailblazers?

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Trailblazers are people who forge new paths one stepping stone at a time.  They lead the way to new destinations.

Trailblazers offers two online programs.  One is an introductory (3-month) program – Uncover Your Wise Woman Warrior.  This is my foundational 3-month program with a supporting online community.  This self-paced online program leads you along a path of self-awareness and guides you in establishing daily rituals to uncover your Wise Woman Warrior.

This program encompasses four (4) stepping stones:

stepping stones in a river

Stepping Stone 1

Move Beyond Surviving and Thrive!

Stepping Stone 2

Explore Self-Care Myths

Stepping Stone 3

Establish Daily Rituals to Deepen Self-Awareness

Stepping Stone 4

Develop Your Personalized Wise Woman Warrior Vision

It focuses on women veterans struggling to transition back into civilian life, no matter how long they’ve been out of service. It emphasizes the importance of stepping into one’s true self and offers four steps to uncovering and embracing one’s strengths, passions, and joy.

The second Trailblazers program, Wise Woman Warrior Thriving, is a year-long program that begins with Introductory sessions and builds the skills to move beyond merely surviving to thriving!

Stepping Stone 5

Open Your Heart

Stepping Stone 6

Use Your 6 Senses to Make Proactive Choices

Stepping Stone 7

Change Your Mind

Stepping Stone 8

Project vs React - The Choice is Yours

Stepping Stone 9

Move Beyond Problem-Solving to Creating a Healthy, Vibrant, Abundant Life You Love

Stepping Stone 10