bald eagle standing in a field photo

Creekside Reflections

three bald eagles in a tree photoWelcome to my blog on messages from without! Creekside Reflections provides snippets of life from the DELMARVA Peninsula and insights about the experiences of living provided by the universe.

I am Dee Murphy, healer, mentor, veteran, nurse, lifelong learner, and lover of life!  As CEO and founder of BioSynchrony, one of my many joys comes from bringing others into the wonder and joy about insights that nature provides us.  Ever had a question you are still waiting for an answer to? Perhaps your answer has been shown to you many times and you just haven’t recognized it!  Throughout my life I have found that all my requests for insights are granted, all I have to do is to notice.  As the stories I will provide here will show, the universe provides us guidance in many, many forms.  So, stand by, ask your questions, and notice what shows up!

bald eagle standing in a field photo

I am going to share a number of stories about my life and the insights, and wondrous timing that nature has provided to me whenever I needed it or just because…..

The other day I had finished sending off a packet at the post office and decided to take a long country drive to a grocery store about 10 miles further from my home than I usually go to.  My life happens that way, a suggestion comes into my imagination station and I go with it! I learned a long time ago that these guided suggestions are often full of unexpected joy. 

Moments after making my decision I spied what I lovingly call eagle flight school. I pulled to the side of the highway and watched the fun unfolding in front of me.  I saw two pairs of bald eagles and two younger eagles in mottled feathers.  Initially, I noticed 5 eagles in a tree, then one adult flew to the field and was later joined by a second.  The two hung out, peering at another eagle flying and landing repeatedly in the field.  While that one was hard for me to catch with my phone camera, I did manage one!  The other pair sat in a tree with the second young eagle. I was on a busy road and watched the scene unfold through the zooming of cars, trucks, and tractors passing beside me.

two bald eagles standing side by side in field

Did you know that for about the first five years of life eagles are alone, and it takes them that long to develop their white heads and tails?  After that, eagles mate for life although they will seek another mate if one dies.  Young eagles leave and become mostly independent around three months old with their parents occasionally helping them out as needed.  Eagles can be found gathered in groups, especially in winter. For me, the eagle symbolizes partnership, family, and community.  They embody strength, courage, and wisdom, and imply that it is time to take a bird’s eye view of a situation. Is something baffling you?  Are you struggling to figure things out?  If so, pull back and take a different perspective on the matter.  Sometimes we are just too close to see things clearly until we achieve some distance. Eagles are messengers from the heavens and in some cultures are considered messengers from the gods.

bald eagle landing in field photo

The scene entered my life on a day when I decided to simply enjoy and see what next steps showed up for me as I went about my day.  The wondrous gathering reminded me of the importance of community and family, of lifelong partnerships that can come even when one is not seeking them. I look forward to the partnerships coming my way!

What does the eagle say to you?

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